ORB Wall Socket Receptacles

Replaced all the wall sockets with ORB recently allows me to realise how the soundstage could be more transparent. A colleague came and help me changed them and we AB compared with the original Fxm receptacles. Energy wise, both are very good but in terms of transparency and linearity, I found ORB performs better with lesser coloration.

I will buy Furutech, Oyaide and try them one by one and hopefully to write something for sharing in this forum. If there is any users already tried this, I\'d love to see some experience.

Considering ORB being the cheapest among all these receptacles (including the original Fxm), it is a best buy.



  • Marvel,

    What about the ORB power strip? Are they good too? I am looking for power conditioning devices for my zero and O1SE dac. I tried many but they are always good at something but take away something also.

  • Marvel,

    Where can I get more informaton for ORB? And Where to buy ORB products? Thanks a lot.

    Ka Wo
  • Ka Wo,

    I got my ORB AC socket and power strip from AE. The orb is the best power strip I use. It is very clear and full of energy.

    If Marvel big brother recommends, it must be good.

  • ORB can be purchased in AE or in Chau Yip Yuen for a subset of their products.

    For power distributor, I am sure there are better alternatives than ORB although I am one of the users of it. Taking into account the neutrality and the seemingly unrestrained energy, I think it is best value for money. Over time, I get fed up by using power distributor which you gain one thing but lose another, there is always some element of compromising, when you get darker background, your ultra treble got suck up. There was one which I also found very good in my system which is the Velocity Enhancer produced by Walker Audio. It has the Quantum technology (QRT) which I know very little about. It is made of wood with a wooden platform. Fast, neutral, musically soft but not tonally warmer. After I changed to ORB last year, it stays until now...The only power bar that I would like to try is perhaps a product yet to be produced by Argento....wow ...

    I am now using ORB wall receptacles connected by SMR EE power cord into the ORB power bar...transparent, moderately energised...As many know, I have the tile floor and I use some wood between the OrB power bar and the floor to avoid \'hard-to-hard\'.

  • Julian and Marvel,

    Thank you for your reply and information. ORB receptacles look like very good. I will get one to trial. Thanks!

    Ka Wo
  • how much does the Orb receptacle cost?
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