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SRA OHIO XL+2 arrived!

After almost 2 months of painful waiting, they are finally here. MatthewC, your XL+2 is there too! Can you take some pics and post here when you get it? Better with your Ongaku sitting on top!


  • This is just a smal lot. The other 8 crates are too big to come in. I will arrange those directly to users' home asap today.

    Ajar, your OHIO XL for the Zanden dac power supply is there too, just on time to come with the latest shipment.

    Puyi, the ohio xl+2 for the Zanden 1200 is amazing. You will be very happy!
  • The ohio under the Zanden phono gives me more of everything. It sounds even more natural to my years. At high volume, the sound is very stable, there is lots of air in the bass compartment. I like the improvement in tone resolution the most. I was spinning some piano lps, the tone of the piano is beautiful. I try to remove the ohio from the power supply and play again. (I didn't take away the ohio under main unit because too heavy) Immediately, I notice a mist is back, air surround the bass disappears, I put it back, tone sounds beautiful. My little daughter listened with me rarely for the whole mozart sonata. Last night she did. I know that must be the right one. I read many review about SRA and those reviews are quite true. Everyone says the sound is more relaxed, more of everything. The bass notes are bouncy and speedy too.

    Any other OHIO users share thier experiences?
  • The effect of a small ohio under p.s. of Zanden dac is good The sound is smoother, more subtle spatial cues, micromovement. The sound is calmer. Sound is more listenable. I was glued to my chair and listened for an hour longer than usual.
  • Puyi, Ajar,

    Did you notice subtle differences between the first day and second day of listening? I may be hearing things, but I think the sound improved somewhat the second day I have the Ohio for my Ongaku. Definition seems to be sharper the second day. I am theorizing that the rubber feet of my Ongaku is settling on the Ohio, making better coupling between the two.....

    The platform made noticeable improvement in everything, but I think the most noticeable in my setup were the texture, microdynamics and tonal resolution. None of the improvements were dramatic, but if you add them all up though, it's quite amazing.
  • MatthewC, long time allows more settling time for the rubber feet to couple with the Ohio. In my case, the improvement is immediate. I will listen more tonight and revert back to you. You are right about the improvement, it is amazing.
  • MatthewC,

    (Direct answer from Kevin Tellekemp of SRA to your question below):

    Listen, while on the phone today I was surfing your website (forums) & one of your customers landed on something, which I may not have ever discussed with you. While our isoBASE units are about 95% effective out of the box,that extra 5% comes in after a day or so of use. We have determined that air-travel plays on the suspension because of the pressurization of the cargo hold. Matthew C is in fact correct.

  • MatthewC, I agree with your observation It sounded even better last evening. Are you using the spike plate provided?
  • Yes, I am using those spike base, though I am not sure if they are the right thing to use. Those mushy felt (double sided tape?) at the bottom side look out of place....
  • MatthewC, this photo is real sexy. The ongaku looks classy on the Ohio stand. I should get the piano black color like yours.

  • Greeting from Singapore!
  • MatthewC, how is your ongaku doing on the ohio? I feel it takes 3 days for the amp to complete couples with the platform. Lots of micro-cues escaped me come back now. Late night listening reveals another layer of quietness. There is more of everything. I try different spike plates from harmonix, but I prefer the original one over them. What's your exp so far?
  • Ken,

    Sorry for the late reply. Actually I couldn't listen to my setup much these days. The Ongaku on SRA is exposed and this is very dangrious since I have a 2-year old, I have to unplug all the tubes when I am not listening to it. Someone suggested that maybe I can have a custom cover made of acrylic to protect the amp when not used but I don't know of any shop who may do this......

  • This is an old thread but since you guys have extensive experience with the SRA products and Tripoint Troy, could someone answer these questions:

    1. Are improvements that Ohio XL+2 brings to the table similar to the improvements of Troy Sig.?
    2. What improvements does Ohio brings if you put it under the Troy Signature?
    3. Is Ohio XL+2 considerably better than Finite Elemente Master Reference?
    4. What are sonic differences between Ohio XL+2 and Viginia class stands?

    Thank you.
  • Marcus:

    1. SRA deals with mechanical vibration. Troy signature deals with ground noises. Different problem requires different solution. Silence arises from elimination of mechanical vibration is usually manifested in the form of calmness, stability of sound field at loud volume.

    2. I had not tried this. But the best position for SRA application is to begin with the amplifier. It is because the power transformer inside actually begin vibrating well before you switch it on.

    3. A resounding yes. It is designed by a Navy Scientist in the U.S. I refer to someone who is still serving, not EX. That is why the SRA website does not reveal any technology at all. In a world of intensive marketing, this is abnormal.

    4. The SRA generates no sound of its own. The difference between Ohio and Virginia is a matter of improvement magnitude from the perspective of lowering mechanical resonances.
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