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Product of the year 2023

Any nominations?


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    Champion of all: Dalby Akasu for its transcendence of analog playback. 

  • My vote goes to Subbase Vividus Zwo which tackles the RFI (above 20khz) noises.  It is unique in the market which can effectively remove the harshness (especially induced from CAS, digital processing) from the treble compartment.  Streaming and digital playback carries more mellowness and finesse rivalling the best of analogue playback!

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    The APL-GR dac 超勁。
    Wellfloat double board 超抵玩。
    Pranawire GP 和 interceptor 估佢唔到!
    Dalby K-ESS 驚天一式 可惜還未有貨! 

  • APL - GR DAC is my vote. Its performance put me in awe constantly.  

    Vividus is a must for RF cancellation too. 

    Arya Air Blade signature is state of the art. 

    Dalby K-ESS - hopefully delivery soon. 
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    My pick is APL GR DAC/Switch. 

    All other stuffs are as great as usual. I find it hard to pick one because everything is part of the structure. 

    Dalby Akasu is unique but out of reach for majority.  
  • 我認為APL DAC/Switch好很堅,尤其拋離瑞士幫。
  • Hi My pick would be the Subbase Vividus Zwo. The impact on the AE SG system was immediate and substantial!
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