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Product of the Year 2021

2022 is around the corner.  Let’s get some thoughts in what products under AE impress/shock us most in 2021.


  • My vote goes to '茫茫路' produced by Chris 
  • For electronics and accessories, I vote for JMF302 35th Anniversary edition.  It is absolutely an essential component of the system to purify the power supply with a much improved mechanical vibration control!
  • My vote goes to JMF Audio PHS 7.2/7.3 phono stage because it can do things other phono can’t do - this is about transient energy that makes music so real.  

    The JMF anniversary 302/102 is a must. 
  • My choice is JMF Audio PHS 7.2/7.3 phono. It is a very special phono.  The effort behind it is enormous as evidenced by the music. 
  • JMF Audio PCD102 and JMF Audio PHS 7.2 phono are my vote for best products this year. 
  • Wadax Atlantis Reference server bests all out there clearly, not a matter of preference, a matter of different league. 
  • 1, JMF PHS 7.2/7.3 Phono
    2, EMT Novel Gold cartridge
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