Loving Mini Wagner Speakers


後來認識了Eddie,他對於音響用心非常,而他的組合更成為我最重要嘅參考對象之一。他所使用嘅喇叭為Cessaro Chopin,體型更小,價錢更宜人,令我期待能AE嘅一分子!

後來Cessaro更推出Wagner同2020 new Wagner。而令我更震驚則是: Mini Wagner,令我一完AE夢!

Mini Wagner體型雖小,聲音則異常龐大,聲音質感強烈直接,高透明度和速度快,聲音還原比大部分十萬元組合更高!而最令我深刻的是Mini Wagner的聲音連貫性非常高,即使中低音只係一隻2吋單元,高中頻亦沒比低頻突兀!另外,請你對佢嘅低音有所期待,因為你想像唔到一對咁細嘅喇叭可以播放出質量並存嘅低音!




  • 引用 天能 中的一句對白: Dont try to understand it, feel it
  • That is so beautiful!  I am awaiting my burgundy mini Wagner for my office.  
  • 真的吹漲!超靚聲!為什麼能量可以這麽大!

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    我首先要更正Mini Wagner係每邊只有一隻2吋Full range嘅speakers!!!但係無論聲音層次和能量感都比好多二分頻喇叭好。無可否認,係冇超低嘅幫助下,高聲壓嘅聲音比較緊。而且,呢對喇叭需要run in,兩天後聲音鬆啲容了一點,但相信要更多時間run in。



  • I heard this lovely baby Cessaro the other day.   Really crazy.   This will put most bookshelf system to shame.   What I love most is how it retains the character of the big Cessaro.   Lively dancing on its feet, dynamic filled with passion.   
  • I got a pair of dark grey for my husband. 

  • I like mine so much.  Best companion for quarantine. 

  • 聽左小wagner大約一個星期。Run in大概2-3日完成,透明高了一點。由Amp到線材都有發展空間和潛力!
  • 我都買了。
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    Cessaro MINI WAGNER is the very first speaker I ever bought. The experience had been excellent. The power is tremendous and there is no other speaker at similar price range could compare with it. The bass is way too good. I watched “Begin Again” and the songs touched me so much. I also tried it watching “Saving Private Ryan”, the shooting and bombing sound from the scene of Omaha Beach are stunning. 

  • Loving it, a must have item in office :#
  • Cessaro Brahms and Mini Cessaro Wagner singing together. 
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