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The next RevOpod? Wellfloat Delta

Today Chung delivered a bunch of “secret weapons”, he was too busy to help me install as there were a line of customers waiting for delivery as well. Therefore I tried to do a one-man job because I thought if Chung can do it I can do it too, I workout a lot and it’s not rocket science anyway.  Then I found I’m not Chung who managed to deliver me a 3-layer 1.3m wide huge SRA rack and install by himself! Consequently I had to ask my helper to give me a hand, fortunately we did get them all installed: 4 under each Wagner and 3 under each Xiangyu.

Unfortunately I didn’t have much time listening as it took us a while for the installment, however the initial impression is very positive, by removing an extra layer of vibration from the speakers, energy level increased, I can feel a sort of relaxation across the whole spectrum, bass becomes more detailed and highs got more crystal clear by clearing the bass region...

Will report back tomorrow when I have more listening however I got a gut feeling that this stuff will become a hit just like RevOpods. 


  • Congratulation Michael!!!! Wellfloat is a monster! 🥳 
  • Thanks Thomas!Yes, it definitely is a game-changer, I’ve never heard the image as stable as it is now. 
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