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AE opened a showroom in Central under the baton of Master Chik four years ago.  Throughout this period, numerous evaluations had taken place including a whole suite of JMF system, Zanden electronics, DiscRotator, DaVinci, Cessaro Qian Long field coil speakers..... etc.  

Each evolution does not necessarily mean the latest setup supersedes the previous in terms of performance.  It is rather a manifestation of holistic maximisation of performance by properly integrating and synergising various parameters.  Then we move on to the next challenge.

I joined the commando with Master Chik last year and introduced a full suite of Synaestec electronic.
We made a lot of effort in search of a good matching pair of speaker for the german suite.  Then came the Arteluthe Stiletto (refer to discussion in another thread) which has a sensitivity of 82db forming a perfect partnership with the Synaestec Saxum power amp with 250W output at 8ohm and a damping factor of 400.

In the past few weeks since the arrival of Stiletto, we have been listening extensively and measuring the acoustics response of the room to this speaker.
We accordingly kept adjusting the position of the speakers with respect to the listening position.  This is not an one off exercise but have been a journey consisting of many iterations, close communications with Robert from Arteluthe, preamp settings, cable matching and digesting feedbacks from many fellow comrades.

We are glad to achieve a convincing level of performance. Please come and join us in witnessing such milestone!  

Last but not least, my special compliments to Burni who has taken the 20kg+ gears for the repeated room measurements.  Burni has become a proud owner of Stiletto as well!


  • Roman and Mr Dynamic came. 
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    I may be one of AE/Marvel customers visiting Central showroom quite frequently.  Ever since AE launched Stiletto in Central, I had been using acoustic measuring equipment (Linux device) with microphone to assist Marvel to adjust toe-in angle.  I also repeatedly adjusted the positioning of the speakers by pushing/pulling a few mini meters in each iterations so that the sound wave from two speakers always arriving both left and right ears of person sitting on the France chair at the same time.  Time delay between left and right (mic measure) was changed from 0.15 ms to 0.0 ms.   With this change, Marvel and I could comprehend solidity and stability of sound image alongside clear layering with abundance of energy filling the whole room.  The Stiletto convinced me. It is time to let go of the SF speakers. I am very pleased to wait for the delivery of Stiletto next week.
  • 自Stiletto 兩個月前加入 AE Central後,線材進進出出,看見 Marvel 兄公子般嘅身形,將一部部幾十磅嘅器材搬來搬去,為著盡快了解Stiletto 嘅個性和找出最佳配搭,過程中並非想像中簡單。

    昨天再去試聽,比上一次又是另一片天空,聲音大至同房間取得一條平衡點,過程中發現了一位新成員,Esprit 嘅GAIA power cord,用於 power amp 上,因為我本身係 Saxum 用家,故知道 Saxum 對 power cord 要求甚高,為咗對 GAIA 有更深嘅認識,我哋同場用 Skogrand Beethoven 作 A B 比較,GAIA 相對比較優雅、連貫,在大編制管弦樂下,各群組能量強弱交代,係比 Beethoven 優勝,這種優勢,相信系統越大越明顯,而 Beethoven 能量控制則比較進取、權威、刺激。

  • Synaestec Igniculus phono has been taken away for review by Audio technique.  Stay tuned! 

    Vinyl enjoyment won't stop here, instead I am going to showcase Zanden 1200 Signature which features a full balanced design from curve modulation to phono output with 8 curves adjustment.  This is the first phono amp equipped with curve modulation catering for different cutting machines for vinyl.  

    Will share more when I get a full grasp of this master piece.  Can't wait! 

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