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A visit to Mr Zanden’s new home

It has been almost 3 years since I last visited Mr Zanden together with Roman. With the kind invitation by Mr Zanden, I went to visit his new home which is conveniently located nearby his old place and among the busiest places in HK island.   Mr Dynamic also came along with me which I believe is the first time for him to experience the Cessaro Beta system driven by a full suite of Zanden electronics.

Nowadays, as an audiophile (and sometimes called Hifi playboy by my dearest comrade VoyR), we are always overhyped by technological advancements and under-appreciating the time and skills one has to put to maximise the gears in our possession.  Mr Zanden told me he has not changed his components for the last 6 years and yet his musical enjoyment is ever heightened by his continuous achievements in overcoming the room acoustics, speaker positioning and fine tuning on the gears that he has already been acquainted for years.  

Mr Zanden’s new home, on my eye measurement, is no bigger than his previous place housing the mega Beta system which is solely a testament of his connoisseurship in ‘making in work again’.  Bass horn is about 6-7 feet away from the listening position providing literally no runway for the bass wave to traverse properly.  Mr Zanden told me many who visited his place proclaimed that it is as though listening with a gigantic headphone.  Such mirage is undeniably there when our mind integrates subconsciously both visually and sonically on what it receives.

Eyes closed, we listened from the all time favourite opera arias Havanera to the Spanish music La Folia, from Cantonese pop star Michael Kwan to Szeryng’s Beethoven concertos.  Both myself and Mr Dynamic were amazed on how the Beta system disappeared miraculously and reflections from all sides of the room much mitigated by the meticulously positioned resonators/absorbers literally everywhere from balcony to the kitchen and into all other rooms.  The spirit and passion towards perfection earn my salute to this respectful connoisseur!  

Whilst one would debate on the insufficient development of bass dispersion structure, the overall balance is right on the ‘sweet spot’ that arguably many wouldn’t have achieved with a much bigger breathing space.  Soundstage is deep and wide while images are right on size and scale without being strangled by the reflection from the back wall which is less than 2 feet from our ears.  In Mr Dynamic’s place, with the same distance from the back wall, the soundstage is often disrupted by such reflection from the wall.  

We listened to Decca Rossini Overture conducted by Gamba twice as the ending climax at a rather high sound pressure.  The system does not give me any nagging feeling that this too much that my own body and the room cannot bear.  Indeed it is so easy penetrating thru my ears into my soul putting me like sitting in the front row of the concert hall!

Mr Zanden, risking your condemn, on your behalf, I would like to invite more to come to listen to your system.  This is not just a simple listening session, it is a live demonstration on how Mr Zanden has transpired his knowledge and listening skill to build such highly performing system with the perfect balance of doses and mixes on everything!  I lot for me to take away after this!



  • Mr. Zanden, where have you been?  I would like you share more just like before.  Your seniority don’t need any endorsements.  You always have your way. We always respect.  Insistence of your belief with splendid results speak for your self. The Zanden electronics of yours remain on the official product catalogue. Yamada san’s products are never outdated.  The 9600 mono blocks are state of the art outperforming many Japanese counterparts. 

    Grab your password please.  Talk here directly. 
  • 有幸到Mr Zanden 處家訪,獲益良多,在這短嘅距離聽一對龐大嘅Horn 喇叭,一點壓迫感都沒有,聲音直接,合上眼,人聲、樂器嘅結像同比例恰到好處,聽Rossini overture 時,房間能夠承受音壓之大,令我嘆為觀止,睇得出Mr Zanden 對唱盤同房間調教嘅功力,參考級嘅系統!

  • edited June 2020
    多謝Marvel帶我去Mr Zanden屋企朝聖, 我唔多講佢個器材,可以睇以下連結。但Cessaro 喇叭 + Zanden 音響器材(黑膠系統唔記得咗咩名)真係好好聽 (可以多幾個好字)。Mr Zanden 用超過三個小時播放不同嘅CD同埋黑膠唱片,我可以享受到極漂亮的音色。音頻兩極伸延(超低可以無限深潛但可以清楚聽到內容)、音色線條同音樂感、像真度、音像連貫性(坐皇帝位)都係極級水平。

    仲要好多謝Mrs Zanden一早準備好嘅朱古力慕絲蛋糕,超好味。Mr Zanden 好多謝你嘅款待。


  • Compared to last visit, the system carries more dynamic and energy free of any compression.  I am, again, utterly floored by Mr Zanden’s relentless drive for perfecting his room acoustics in expanding the virtual space that our human eyes would never believe that can be done within the physical space that houses the mega Cessaro Beta system.  I always come with an open mind and a pair of closed eyes when listening to his system which is most rewarding not only by the musicality but also the adorable spirit of the mastermind making this happens!

    Once again, my salute to Mr. Zanden and Yamada San for making the Zanden suite so harmoniously performing!  Obviously Ralph as well for making the special Beta system for Mr. Zanden.

  • hi  Mr.Zandan 師兄,我係Huber, 看完以上家訪报告,小弟也希望有幸能到你家朝圣!因為全套Zandan electronic 推大型Horn system 的大器声音的确令人期待!
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