Alan Sircom if Hi Fi+ and Julie Mullins of Absolute Sound visited AE

It has been a great honour to have both Alan and Julie coming over all the way from U.K./US to visit us.  They first went to AE Sheung Wan.  I am thankful of them really stress testing the system driven by the Robert Koda K15EX (super ground) preamp and the Engström ARNE 300B amplifier driving the active Cessaro Firebird.  Their music are usually fast, punchy and lots of deep bass notes. Those are the type you won’t be able to comprehend musicality in the absence of energy.   I was glad to have Stirling here last week. 

The demo of Troy NG was another great highlight of the 3 full serious hours of auditioning. After the demo, they wondered why US/UK do not pay the equal attention to grounding.  

They really tested different type of music. They were prepared. I am glad AE Sheung Wan passed with flying color. And there are three surprises to them: Engström Arne 300B amp only 20 watt, Troy NG and the Wadax entry level Arcadia DAC.


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