New AE Logo

edited June 2019

The hand drawn logo of AE flows harmoniously in rhythmic form.  The simplicity of it radiates purity of tone and honesty of music conscience.   Our scientific approaches eliminate all type of noises to reveal tangible silence between musical notes.  Rendering of tonal colour is always kaleidoscopically wonderful.  This is an artisanal foundation of curating a high fidelity audio system.  The end result is a soulful experience sparkling all senses.  

The new logo also signifies our new venture into South East Asia, and Singapore is the headquarter.  The goal is to grow AE to become Asia’s premium Hi End Audio platform enriching your musical life.


  • That is great spirit! Feel proud to be with you since the beginning. 
  • I agree that is great. I like the simplicity of it. 
  • Bravo!  Facebook is good over 9,000 followers!
  • A new beginning at a new stage. Congratulation. By the way, there are many private exchanges in chatgroup on top of Facebook for blogging and media exposure. That avoids people in overseas who don’t understand the community and who we are, saying we are bragging all the time. 
  • Not easy to reach a milestone in this chaotic industry.  Strong will at the expense of health is likely. Take care.  The Divin Lab experience is out of this world, let more people experience and know what you are doing. I looking forward to the Italian School of Super Hi End. 
  • 簡單,直接,純潔,動感,連貫,清析
  • I like the new logo too.  By the way we did not disappear.  We moved onto private chat group. Discussions are well alive.  
  • Thanks for persistent support all through the years!

    I think this is quite nice to share.

  • That is great!
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