Product of the year 2018

Please cast your votes for the best 3 this year as usual:

My votes are:

1. Vertere Phase Management Distribution block for its novel approach to deal with a problem all people ignored. With it, it redefines what is the meaning of soundstage.

2. Argento FMR EE Power Cable 

3. ReVOpod by Arya Audio


  • Vertere Phase Management Center is revolutionary.  We never underdstand what is soundstage until its birth 

    I dont think PT csn achieve what was described by Fred without the Vertere phase management control center.  You wont believe until you use one. 
  • big bro Jeff, the facebook approach killed our good old days here!  Also, I really run out of words to describe audio experience nowadays. My system improves dramatically but my vocab are limited.  

    Those revopods by the british chap are real bargain.  That is on top of my head all the time.  Very rare again, the British Guy Touraj of Vertere is sort of a crazy man, the phase management center is REVOLUTIONARY. 

    And Ulrik madsen is a friend since 15 years ago, FMR EE power is the last word on power cable. We didnt review them here. But I guess all top guys here have at least 2.  They work tremendously with my Zanden chouku/chokoh.
  • edited December 2018
    I went to AE Sheung Wan today.  Summary of my experience is: I dont know anything about soundstage until today.  What is the meaning of depth?  I understand now. Thanks to the demo of Vertere phase management centre.  This is the next game changer just like Tripoint.  My vote goes to this one as the champion, followed by Revopod by Arya Audio, and Ode Grande Groundwire by Dalby Audio Design.
  • For me the product of the year is AE. 
    Level of maturity Chris has reached is really out of mainstream way.
    There are a large number of new products every year but the ability to integrate these ones is above the benefits of each individually.  It's an art. A mixture of knowledge, sensitivity and experience. 
    If i look the AE development throught these years, there is a “product” that becomes better every year. 
    Thank you Chris. Keep improving. 
  • 我佩服得五體投地!PT家裡的系統真的非常非常誇張。我們對音場其實是毫無認識,尤其是深度。讀完Fred兄那篇家訪,再去那裡聽,便明白。Fred兄有真正管絃樂團低子,知道位置的確實性。再且,各部機的電相如不清楚,根本冇可能把音場深度重現。

    Easy vote for me:

    1. Vertere phase management AC block. 革命性産品。
    2. Revopod by Arya Audio
    3. Argento FMR EE power cable
  • Hey guys, I am not a facebook guy too.  But the world changes.  I am also running out of words to describe improvement. We discussed privately offline with VR, Dr Yeung, Dr Fung, big bro Jeff, Doc Sam and Judge Willy all the time. We feel more comfortable as we understand each other on equal footing.  

    As a group, we paid a visit to AE Sheung Wan on Xmas Eve afternoon.  We listened to the whole piece of Brahms symphony. As a group, we were inside the venue swimming together with harmonics.  All walls disappeared. We never experienced such soundstage before. Never in our entire audio venture. 

    When PT switched the phase back to whatever, everything collapses.  He did a very comprehensive and thorough demo. We were all sold.

    Our vote as a group (many are AE guys but never shared before on the forum) that the Vertere Phase Management AC center is the product of the year. 
  • 祝大家聖誕節快樂!


    我也是投票給Vertere phase management center ,因為冇有它是冇可能把音場還源。

  • My vote goes to: 
    1. FMR EE Power Cord: It brought my system to a level I never reached before by giving a much solid layers of music with extremely quiet background that enables all micro details to be rendered. No cables I ever tried before can achieve this level. It removes the noisy background making CDs not listenable before becomes listenable. 
    2. Vertere Phase Management Center: It solved the problems that no other tools can solve before and its uniqueness and improvements it brings to any system are stunning. I put this in no. 2 because FMR EE produced more shocking effect on my system. 
    3. Revopod: These legs can really make the system more musical and more live-like. The naturalness and adaptability of these feet are amazingly good. 
  • For ages,  I can't sign in via my iPad, I don't know what happened!

    My vote via my mobile

    1. Vertere. It is really out of the box product that makes AE and its followers well ahead of the curve without any competitors in the market at this moment. 

    2. FMREE.  Simply the best power cord,  period. 

    I added Vertere PMC 2 days ago and thrilled by the depth it allows me to land myself into the soundstage.   
  • I audioned a few LP at AE Sheung Wan last week.  The demonstrations of “Sound of Music” and “Faust” were exquisitely done.  I was completely blown away by the sound stage. I mean really blown away!  It is not an imagination.  Without the Vertere phase control centre, there is no way. I mean there is no way.  Please go for a demo. Trust your own ears. 

    Vertere Phase Control AC Centre is thr champion this year in my opinion. 

    Next is Red Sparrow by Top Wing. 

    Third is Revopod by Arya Audio. 
  • All AE sites under the management of PT are truly “exotic”.  The shock factor is tremendous. From Divin Lab, AE Sheung Wan to his home, the shock factor exemplifies the systematic philosophy behind. 

    I didnt buy much this year.  But I do follow facebook on a daily basis.  The popularity of Revopod drove me to buy two sets.  For the price, they are no brainer.  If price is taken into consideration, I would vote Revopod as product of the year.  They are just exceptional. 

    If price is not a factor, I have to agree with everyone that the Vertere phase management centre is absolutely revolutionary. A short demo held me hostage - can’t forget the soundstage ever since.  I dont care the technicals.  Bravo to Touraj!
  • After further auditioning of Vertere PMC, I think it replaces FMR EE to be the number one product of the year in my mind. It becomes more stunning after correcting all the electricity phasing for every gear in my system. It brings the liveliness and depth your system can never achieve without it. With this unique concept, PMC becomes irreplaceable in the system, and this is why it surpasses FMR EE.
  • Roman,

    Did you listen to Sound of Music and Faust played by PT at AE Sheung Wan?

    That is quite a benchmark there to show off the Vetere PMC. 

    Uncle Ray
  • Ray,

    I have to say I was speedless.  I could not replay Sound of Music like PT.  He could recreate a cinematic experience. I can SEE them. I can’t recreate the depth, positioning, and the soul of the children.  

    FAUST, forget it in my home.  My friend who came with me were still shocked by the dynamic resolution of FAUST at AE Sheun Wan.  The fast..... bass is very resolute.  The integration is so well done.  The JMF PC3 is a serious cord for sub.  I saw him plugging them anew. 

    It is a tremendous work there.  
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