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  • The first step already sounds amazing through video clip, can’t imagine what it would sound like after the final step
  • Piano Tuner
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    The Dalby Kyoku 曲 whispers in benediction to Divin Lab.

  • PT,

    I really like the phrase “whispers in benediction”. Please write a full report of the highest level about this rare and insane action of yours.  You really push the importance of grounding to the extreme of the extreme.  Sadly, most people don’t understand. The cost effectiveness mindset is just too dominant barring the spirit of exploring uncharted area. 
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    The system reveals whisper of the whisper of the whisper of the whisper of extremely low level details. Audiences of every live recording become “human” part of the whole with flesh (not a technical puzzle of the whole).  The system even reveals the “gradual loudness” of the audiences with a varying distance perspective (conditional on recording quality). The blackness amongst the individuals within the audience session is a SPEECHLESS shock to me. 
    In fact, the usual audiophile jargons are inadequate to describe and explain the “state” before and after.  One may need to understand the tension of guitar strings, operation of the piano, and some recording techniques before we can write down what does the Dalby Kyoku earth wires do to Divin Lab. 
    I also believe the potential of 2 x Tripoint Troy Elite NG is now maximised to uncharted area. I have been advancing the infrastructure quality of Divin Lab in this challenging year.  
  • You know what, this is actually the most anticipated visit for me to Divin lab next time, even more so than any new component. The kyoku earth wire is really really special. 
  • Ryanksh
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    Although I’m not an audiophile fan, I was deeply amazed by the visit to Divin Lab. It felt like having the live performance right in front of me. Mr Leung showed us different genres of music and I enjoyed every single song. 

    Comparing the recordings decades ago and the recently ones, I really wish music producers and recording engineers of the past could pass on recording techniques to the new generation and apply it on new recordings for next generation musicians. 

    Divin Lab is a mind boggling experience for anyone. 
  • The AE Mid Autumn Concert will be held tomorrow at Divin Lab. Two sessions are full house. The theme of tomorrow will be: Engineering Correctness versus Musicality Correctness. Can they coexist?  The seminar will explore thoughts with live demo to illuminate new perspectives amongst core AE community. 
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    我相對喜歡Synastec phono
  • MichaelM
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    今次Divin Lab的中秋演播會,聽過後感受只能是一個“服”字。其實Divin Lab很早以前已經超過客觀的”好聲“標準,之後每一步進步其實很難用客觀標準去形容,只能用尋找令人”感動“的聲音來描述。今日聽到張學友和盧冠廷的現場演唱會之唱片,已經去到”以假亂真“的程度,實在令人感動。加入Dalby Kyoku Ground Cable令聲音鬆容了許多,令人感動的聲音在整個房間瀰漫開來,很快令人投入一個音樂的世界。

  • Dynamic
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    只是兩個多月,神曲工作室又有大動作, 九霄雲外、30米 inwall Dalby 曲 ground cable、Wellfloat Pegasus Rack、一路將 ground noise 同 mechanical noise 處理推去冇人能及的地步。雖然中秋聚會主題在 Engineering Correctness versus Musicality Correctness,但全日的高潮,係一條外貌跟Agento FMR EE power cord 相近的地線出場,將三條 FMR EE 地線合併而成的一條地線,再加以特別的屏蔽。測試的地方,不是用於器材上,而是 Anapurna board 與轉為收集 Stray Noise 的「垃圾桶」之間。不得了!呆了!我相信 Stray Noise Management 將會在神曲工作室扮演舉足輕重的位置。

  • Dynamic
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    將三條FMR EE ground cable 合併成一條 EEE...... Extreme Exotic Edition Ground Cable !
  • Dynamic
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    2 x Tripoint Elite NG, 2 x Vertere AC phase management centre, 1 x Cloud 9, 1 x Pranawire Anapurna board.....

  • Mr Dynamic,

    可否分享中秋秀的內容?台北這邊冇代理商做這些佳節秀。我對musical correct versus engineering correct 好有興趣。EEE有多勁?可以詳細解釋一下嗎?

    Roman, 你有冇出席?願聞其詳。