AE to supply Ultra End electronics for all LIVE concerts at Theatre 2 at HKCE from Aug 11-13

edited July 2017
We are very thankful of Audio Technique granting us a precious opportunity to demonstrate our technical mastery to support all LIVE performances at Theatre 2 of HK Convention and Exhibition Centre from Aug 11-13 2017.

AE commissioned Cessaro GmbH of Germany to build a special speaker for this event - "Voice of Theatre".  The challenge is to fill up a concert hall with musical energy at ease. The whole amplification chain must be distortion free. As a result of this daunting task, a whole suite of Trinity electronics have to be deployed, alongside the almighty Trinity AC filter to annihilate noises at the grid.  

Theatre 2 can house 328 audiences.  We went there in March to study the acoustics a few times.  We must prepare well and do a great job.



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