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  • Saxum 已經進軴1個多月,250w class AB , 能量表達和k70 大不同,所以亦花了點時間調整喇叭位置!在其他場合已經聽過saxum 駆動Alpha2 和 kharma midi , 早已經知道雖然大功率亦不會出現damp 死horn speaker 情況出現!

    Saxum 非常非常靜,即使將vol 調到最大,仍然聽吾到任何電流聲,係完全冇,十分厲害!承著寧靜優勢,音樂細節異常容易表現,即使深夜時份音量收細,信息量依然不會減少!播放Rob Wasserman Duets 內之 Angel eyes , Cheryl Bentyne 多次由喃喃細語到強音爆發速度極快,動態強,絶不拖泥帶水,足見Saxum 大功率,大電流之強項!而Rob wasserman 的eletronic bass 線條,彈力十足,深度夠而不會過份誇張,沒有1般大功率後級幣病!

    播Schindler's List , 音場深闊度、分隔度等當然難不倒Saxum ,最重要是Saxum 能表現出樂章內的憂怨與悲情,足証Saxum 絶不祇是 1 件Power Monster !

  • 小弟有幸聽過此頂級後級,面對靈敏度高之Cessaro horn都沒有任何damp死的情況岀現!
  • Munich show... Synaestec room
  • Pairing with a 95db speaker hand made in Germany by LiveAct.  Extremely dynamic and stress free
  • Another angle
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    For those who are interested to listen to this exotic product in person, I will be showcasing the whole Synaestec suite in Room X05 in the upcoming HiFI show from 11-13Aug in HKCE organised by Audiotechnique. 

    Don't miss the chance to listen to their new flagship preamp Fulcrum!

    see you there!
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    This is the new flagship preamp taking the place of Bivium

  • The new flagship preamp Fulcrum doesn't have an external psu?
  • CKK,

    You should contact Marvel Music at [email protected]

    He is the sole seller of Synaestec and is responsible for all marketing and technical explanation.  He also has his own website in the making. 

  • Dear Jeff : Thanks.
  • In last week's Hifi Show in HKCEC, I had the opportunity to showcase the entire suite of Synaestec electronics pairing with Cessaro Wagner speaker.  It was the first time that I listened to Fulcrum extensively for 3 days although most of the time, I was sitting by the side of the audio room.

    Without any doubt, Fulcrum mate naturally perfect with Saxum and exhibits zero difficulty in driving and controlling well the speaker.  The sound quality in all aspects supersedes the previous preamp Bivium which again, is undoubtedly factual.  What this new flagship preamp surprises me is the extreme energetic depiction of all the jumps and drums which is really unheard of in my entire life with solid state preamp.  I can only cast Zanden Chukoh is the nearest, but tube SET design.  I sneaked away with my wife to visit other audio rooms during the show and after that I played back the same music to my wife in the Syneastec room, my wife asked me why other rooms sound like 'dead fish' and boring.  Obviously one cannot attribute all to only one component of the system, preamp, as the conductor of the system, has the ultimate calmness, quietness and control to master every single twist on micro as well as macro dynamics.

    Some audience commented that the extensions on both ends were 'truncated' which I believe is more related to the acoustic behavior of the room very much dictated by the partition board.  For any one who would like to listen to a whole suite again in a better acoustically treated room, please feel free to let me know.

    By the way, I was also using the Troy Elite ground box in the show and have done several AB comparison and there was no exception that the audible difference has always convinced the crowd sitting to such test.  That indeed remove a lot of 'dead fish' smell from the entire system.

  • For more details about the Fulcrum, you are welcomed to visit
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