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New AE showroom in operation



  • 乙女, I believe we met for a short moment. After you left, I listened to the famous song 昴 by 谷村新司 from the stereo sound made vinyl PT bought from Audio Technique. The whole song is just one piano with a vocal. I was so immensely touched by the QL/trinity system. The mid range is so real with some "moisture".  It is magical. 
  • The room is extremely well done now after almost 2 months of testing by Master Chik.  The density of the mid range with suggestive of "moisture" feeling has a lot to do with the latest addition of the small filter to prevent ultra high frequency noises of the power supply from entering into the system via the AC conditioner.  This is a total concept of Dietmar. Chik disconnected the small filter and just plugged everything into the big AC conditioner. I listened again and confirm why it is part of the total concept. Without this piece, everything is still very good but the "moisture" feeling of the mid range is gone. Frankly speaking, the sound of the trinity/QL room is something that I am not so familiar with the trintiy suite that I thought knowing so much.  At the margin, the latest small filter matter very much. That is my impression. Without Chik disconnecting it and let me listen again, I would never know why. 
  • 一套Trinity系統推Cessaro乾隆是我音響歷程所聽過最頂尖的系統。
  • Salute to Ralph of Cessaro on the Qian Long speakers. A masterpiece!
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