The Super Hi End Show 2015

Well were do I start. OK being from Melbourne Australia I heard of this show from a friend of mine in Germany and he managed to get Chris to invite me to come over and help build his table. Wow I thought I get to travel and do the one thing I love apart from my family of course audio.
That was just the start. OK fly in, have I made all the proper arrangements yes I think so hmmm.
Is it going to be difficult sharing ideas and points of building the Table, will it be all there too build, will I get my bearings around HK.

My other thought was would I be accepted by everyone these are major designers, engineers builders this is the Super Hi End not the local traffic.

It couldn't have been more different from the start every body came up and introduced themselves. Chris showed me around and put me to work.
It was with Master CK and my job to work on the table, what a great guy they all made you feel at home from the first moment.
I have been fortunate to strike up some great friendships there Ralph, Lee, Tourja, Miguel just to mention a few. A coffee machine for Ralph when he comes down to Sydney - Melbourne, I have continuing dialogue with Miguel and friendship man does he build an awesome product or two.
If your reading this guys don't forget to send me your postal address for the album I promised that was done in NY the last thing Doug Sax worked on as a favor jazz remember Tourja you are going to play it !!! you will love it, we cut onto 3 LP's to get the spacing for Double Bass.

Chris you do such great event and are very generous indeed thank you.
I would have to say if I'm allowed can I help out next year it was a blast from start to finish.

Kind Regards To all at AE

Martin Reynolds.


  • Martin

    Please come next year again. We all welcome you.
    It is just that I don't know what to show next year. I had already started scratching my head after the show this year.
  • I'm in Piano Tuner how about some R2R I can bring the master taps. I have a project on the go recording local and overseas artists live to 1/2 " tape just them and their instrument totally live and valve from mics to desk all point to point and one off with I hope Miguels Tripoint sure there is a Studer 820 over there.
  • Piano Tuner did you want me to send you one of the albums I'm sending the others
  • Of course. I will send you my shipping address by email
  • Ok I'm back in HK at the moment I see Master CK has a room in the show will drop in and say hello are you guys around maybe a drink
  • Had you already met Master Chik today at HK Hi End show?
  • Master CK keep selling
  • Yes piano tuner before I saw you down stairs
  • Oh Chris the album will be here soon and I'll send them all out.
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