The Physical Emotions Caeles turntable

Even Michael Fremer was impressed :
It's a pity that the Caeles was only a silent display at the Munich Show last week.

I heard that it will be one of the stars of the AE 3rd Super Hiend Show in July.

Chris : Please confirm whether this is true and tell us more about this beast!


  • I believe it will be unless mad professor cannot deliver it.
  • Yes it will be together with Vetere Reference arm.
  • The footprint of this monster is enormous, with or without the supporting rack, it would be a headache...afterall, this is not designed for the mass is really a statement in terms of technology and precision. Both Vertere and PE are along the same design principle of contactless or minimal contact, the experience of pairing them together would take us to another level which I am longing for in the coming Jul AE show.

  • Master Chik is my mentor for vinyl, system setup, speaker positioning for a decade since I first bought vinyl from him. He appraises Physical Emotion turntable big time after the Munich show. This carries a lot of weight when Master Chik makes this comment given his wealth of knowledge on most of the turntables/arms combo.

    If I were to select the most 'wanted' to listen gear in the upcoming AE show, I would put PE as the top of my list!!

  • Yes I really wonder how this beast will perform. I also worry PT has no time to test it. The compressor is huge from Durr Technologies. The designer must work with Master Chik to set it up under time constraints.
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