V for Ve......!

Guys, I don't know how many of you know about this. The first shock from AE in 2015 is at least quite a shock to me.


  • V for Vendetta???
  • V is for Verxxxx. hehe
  • I am using their USB cable now...really rock myself and my son off the sofa.....Ordered the interconnect despite I am having the almighty Goebel and Tim Signature...

    Can you imagine the USB or interconnect cable is connected to an Extreme Linebacker? That is why I feel when using USB and listening in AE showroom on the interconnect.

    Voy, are you using their phono cable?
  • Marvel

    The phono cable should be the craziest ever.
  • Yes, indeed I have ordered a spectrum of cables, the speaker, interconnect, phono and USB (using now)....I heard they have the LAN cable...can be used on my Wadax going from the server to the main unit...
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