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Thales Simplicity 2

Hi, I am a newbie in this forum, however, have been checking out this forum for a few months since I met PT and visited AE showroom. Really mind opening experience to know this AE group exist.
Soon after the visit, I bought the used Dalby record clamp, even it is insanely expensive to me even used, and Tim reference IC for my humble Goldmund setup. Then soon after…. Tim reference signature IC, Tim reference PC, Troy and Simplicity 2. All this upgrade accessories really perfected my current setup that I am really enjoy music and a happy man.

Met PT yesterday and told me that I am the first user of Thales Simplicity 2 in Hong Kong. Cause I am the first one who install it soon after I got it from the first batches. So he wants me to write a review on this arm. So here I am. Having my first post in AE forum on reviewing an arm.

I was hesitate to do so actually. Reason is simple. People in this forum are crazy!!!
And another thing is my Hifi experience is quite limited; only 2.5 year. And my first bought hifi setup was B&O. Moreover, this is only my second arm in life. Unlike all the people here have spend all their life knowing what is good or bad, so who am I to write a review on an arm. Anyway, I will try my best.
Before start review, need to give some info on my current setup.
Simplicity 2 with Lyra Altas, Phono is Lyra connoisseur 4.2p SE, Simon Yorke S7 turntable and goldmund Pre 22m and amp 29.4m and Epilogue 1+2. CMS rack.

Since my first arm is Triplannar, so it is a unfair comparison actually. Cause simplicity2 win by miles in all aspects.
When I first replaced my triplannar with simplicity2, first thing I noticed is the air and clarity even without properly adjusted it right. It is very transparent and airy. Music and vocal are like flowing in the air. But one thing that was worrying me a bit was the dynamic was not as strong as triplannar and lack of bass. And I was warned by a lot of well knowledgeable friends before I decided to go for Simplicity 2, that Simplicity 1 has nothing but only clarity, like no touching on earth and floating on the space. Non human music. However, I still preorder it because I trust Mr. Zanden’s review on the flagship model and PT. And one more and main reason is the design. I really think Simplicity is the best looking arm and want to owe it just by the design itself. After two weeks of hard work in adjusting it and to understand it until late night. The hard work pay back. I finally hit a point that the music suddenly open up and dynamic and bass back. I invited all the friends have criticized Simplicity 1 before for listening and seeking comment. All said will buy it if this is the sound of Thales Simplicity 2.

Again the transparences and air are addictive. After proper adjustment, the dynamic is perfect as well. And the bass is detail with “line”, double bass is lovely, can hear all the string vibration and finger swapping. The Zero tracking error is really something. I can hear more on the detail and clarity that I never heard before; especially the end track. All the Lps that I thought they were bad recording before, but actually not. I listen them all again with this arm again. Always surprise me. In short, It handle music in an elegant way. Triplanar is like a gangster, Simplclity2 is like a royal family.
Already! This is the best I can do in my first review in life.
I think more Simplicity2 user can help me elaborate more on this.


  • Welcome onboard!

    Your gears are very good stuff. The Connoisseur phono is great stuff. The work of Jonathan Carr is great.

    I consider you are lucky because you met PT much earlier on in this journey. He will get you on the right path. You will save a lot of money and tons of unnecessary shits. We always argue with logics and reasoning. This is one of the most wide followed group in the world.

    We always want more people to participate. Bravo, good to see you here!

    I have not received mine. Micha of Thales told me the Simplicity 2 has much wider flexibility in terms of cartridge adaptability and it is in his view that the 2 has exceeded the original flagship by a mile. His reference for development of tone arm is master tapes, for your information.

    Have you auditioned Zanden's super creation - Chouku?
  • I haven't got the chance to audit this ultimate master piece. my friend, Micheal did. His comment is "Perfect". that is it. No further comment when i asked more. Just perfect. Hahaha. Guess this is the Ultimate power amp. Cause i know he is super picky and know what he want.

    Yes, i heard from Chik Cfu that Simplicity 2 can pair with heavier cartridge. And some friends came and check the movement of the arm while playing. They all agree to movement is good and better than previous one.Transparency is increase day by day, i guess it runs in better.
    I replaced my Epilogue one with new Tim reference Jumper too, need run in as well. the sound is improving daily. Feel good like having a new gears every day.
    Wonder how would Tim reference signature will do?
    I asked PT about using Goebel signiture Jumper for Epilogue 2, as suggested by some members here, enjoying the best of both world, but PT think it is not worth to invest on Jumper.

    And want me to replace my CMS rack with SRA right now. it is hard to let go cause i justed got it a few months ago....... and improvement is really good so far.......
  • Kahw,

    One way to mitigate the downside of your current rack is to place a SRA platform underneath your turntable. That is what I have done in my current DaVinci Table, result is quite good and you can get the best of both. I will be moving my turntable to the new Craz rack 3rd generation, I believe I have a tailor made SRA Ohio platform to release which can house mega size turntable. Let me know if you are interested.

    Sorry to have used this forum for an otherwise private ad but I think it is the most economical way to solve the problem for Kahw.

  • marvel bro, I have a totally different view than yours. Putting a SRA on top of CMS is equivalent of killing the effectiveness of SRA to the maximum. Isn't this is the reason why you dump the CMS and get a craze 3?
  • Voy,

    I disagree on your point. Unless you are saying CMS is more dampening than a solid floor, I see we are putting SRA underneath our component as the 'last line of defense'. We cannot change all our electricity cable inside the wall, but yet we have been rewarded by all the super power cable connecting to our components, why would we still do that if we know the other end is rather hopeless?

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