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Exotics Boss Blog

Well, After the Munich Show 2014, I really think the audio world Is Walking to a new direction! Thus, as I am also a music and Hi end audio Freak, I hope this Blog will give you more information of our hi End circle.

OK !! First of all, Do you have any idea that Which rooms in the Munich show this year have nice music for the audiences?


  • The room that featured Air Force 2, Lars Monica preamp and Lars type 2 driving the Vivid Giya was quite good. I hate the Vivid speakers all the time for obvious reasons but under the baton of Mr Lars/Air force 2 turntable, music played in this room got character. Not a bunch of sound or noises next door, but music with character. I can imagine the sound of a suite of Lars driving Cessaro - out of this world!
  • Marvel - known as the preamp freak joined me to order the Monica without listening. This is a tube preamp with true balance differential circuitry. The volume control and display are NOT located in the main unit but the power supply! Lars' research confirms such circuitry is more quiet than the conventional configuration. This is just some of the details and new approaches he learnt during as special advisor to the Swedish Railway system processing system, that was subsequently sold to Beijing years ago.
  • Angela's masterpiece, in his own words, is the ISIS integrated amplifier. He disappeared for almost 1 year just for the sake of this amp. I spent 30 minutes in this room. The sound is very smooth and ultra transparent. This is destined to be a big big considering the price.
  • And the most interesting joke is that AE forgot they had bought the Ba Force subwoofer last year. The one shown in the middle belongs to the AE dude. Remember to ship it back this year!
  • Though I was unable to attend to this show, I was told by my another remote friend that there are 2 more rooms using Lars type 2 and they both cannot demonstrate a good presence of a truly hi-end analog preamp except the one with Monica. Unlike Jeff who buys gears like buying French fries in McDonald, I choose Monica first...When my Cessaro comes, I will try type 2 comparing with my house Analog Domain to see if there is material difference....then to decide if I will run a combo.

  • Dear Marvel bro,

    Your truly really carries a global reputation in the field. People at Munich talked about you whenver they met Jlam/PT. They have the following questions in common: how many power cables have yout got? And the latest, how many preamps under your roof? You certainly have made a record of owning top preamps a la Takumi K15, Trinity and now the Lars' Monica.

    So where the hell were you? The AE dudes were whisphering their dissatisfaction over your absence for years. What is it all about?
  • Dear Voy,

    I failed to fulfill my promise to join the group to Munich this year. Because my company has an event over the same weekend that I must be there providing support.

    There are many in the AE community really at the craziest level on cables but they are not as nosy and vocal as me..have you ever heard that I have used Dalby U3000, U4000, Speaker cable, etc...they are at the zen level which is untouchable by ordinary chaps like me....

    I am particularly obsessed with preamp and eventhough I am deeply impressed by the Type 2, I decide to go ahead with Monica first...

    How about you? Are you going for Monica?

  • 御品音響終極膽Amp:

    高音, 高聳入雲銳不可當
    中音, 嵯峨峻嶺波瀾萬丈
    低音, 力拔山兮沉鬱鈍挫

    此為終極之作: 長空
  • edited August 2014
    IF those politicians and government officials believe in AUDIO EXOTICS SPIRITS: enthusiasm, harmony and constructivensss....

    JLam with Mrs Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor, GBS, JP, Chief Secretary for Administration, HKSAR
  • Is she an audiophile? We don't want stupid HK politics to get involved in this audio community.
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