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2013 Product of the Year

I must admit 2013 runs very fast for me since I have been travelling back and forth Singapore / Hk for more than 20 times. I am spending more on CX than in AE nowadays!!

Whilst I thought Lizst was launched in early 2013, it was in indeed in 2012. Now Cessaro has Brahms launched a few months already. Time flies unmercifully, I don't even have a chance to listen to Brahms after reading the candid review by David!


  • Back to the list of products that I am aware of in 2013...we have Dalby D7SE preamp, Dalby range of power cables and interconnect, Durand Telos record weight, Hartvig copper platter signature turntable and its master reference platform, Sub-base platform, Troy Signature, Pranawire Linebacker SE, Blackbody, Wadax Pre 1 Mk2, Zanden Chuoku power amp, Signature phono, 7000-300B amplifier, Cessaro Brahms, Takumi K15, last but certainly not the least, Trinity Supreme preamp, phono and the most recently DAC.

    I certainly have missed quite a few, please supplement and start making your own choice on the Product of the Year 2013.

    For me, I have not made up my mind since I have to wait for the Trinity DAC to come hopefully just on time for me to conclude all the products that I have. At this moment, my unequivocal choice goes to the Hartvig copper platter Signature turntable which to many is quite new and unfamiliar. I witnessed its transformation by Master Chik coupling well with the Thales tonearm, Wadax phono, Hartvig platform, replacement of the critical mass rack by the SRA....all these really make the turntable standing out from many many of the vinyl setup....
  • Trinity DAC, Neodio Origine 1 box cd player, takumi K15 and Troy signature all breaks new ground in their respective category.

    The Trinity DAC champions all.
  • My vote is for the Wadax Pre-1. When you consider the breadth AND depth of what it can do, it is a multi-category killer!
  • My vote is Trinity DAC, followed by Troy signature
  • My vote is Trinity DAC and also Troy signature too. These two are groundbreakings.
  • 一定係Trinity DAC! 上一個星期,有班用Wadia 931三件頭的高
  • Typing Chinese is difficult. A group of Wadia 931 users do not believe the power of Trinity DAC. Then compared side by side, the result: call all 2nd hand shop in HK to take the Wadia. The highest offer was HK$70,000 for a set.
  • Bro Fat,

    You are a Trinity phono user, you know where this brand can reach into the ultra fidelity zone. In my view, not just the DAC, the Trinity phono, preamp will also stand out from many many other price exotic counterparts in the market.

    I have not heard Wadia flagship but am not surprised on the result of the comparison. This Trinity is like the martial art master Yip Mun, slim and slick, beating up all the giants like bean curbs....Do you have any friend using MSB? I think it cannot last for more than 30 secs.

  • I also vote Trinity DAC. If Trinity does not show up this year, my original pick was the Neodio Origine.
  • Hi all,

    My vote is also Trinity DAC, breaking all grounds. I want to remind those that it took at least 2 weeks for it to break in into the zone of ectasy.

    A mere ABAB comparison with dCS/MSB/Wadia etc does not show how advance is Trinity's true capability. It has to be compared against itself.

    The Troy signature is truly groundbreaking as well but between Troy Signature and Trinity DAC, my vote is easily the Trinity DAC.
  • 我代表青衣小巴隊一眾發燒友也投Trinity DAC
  • I don't think anyone will be surprised at my nomination for product of the year - Cessaro Brahms!
  • David, because of your influence, Ralph is going to build me a pair of Lizst using field coil drivers!
  • Hi Jeff, Wow. Field Coil Lizst will amazing. I am 100% sure field coil is the way to go, if you can handle the hassles of all the power supplies etc.
  • David, please contact PT for his "secret" apparatus to bring your Brahms to an unprecedented level. I personally was shocked.
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