2nd HAND DCS to Sell

I have a full set of brand new DCS 4 blocks version.

If anyone wants it, please email me.

[email protected]

99% New.
Good price for the one who like its sound.


  • I have a set of 110v dCS Vivaldi and CH Precision CDT/DAC for sale for two of my friends as well. Please email to [email protected] for pricing. Voltage can be changed easily.
  • 好奇一問,難道台灣冇二手佬要放來香港?
  • Brother fat, Taiwan used dealer offers very low ball. They offer roughly HKD250,000 for a set of Vivaldi.
  • Jeff, you need to ask the 2nd hand dealers in HK before you conclude the offer in Taiwan is 'very low ball', my info tells me that the price in HK is 'catastrophic'...

    Sometimes when all the prices have been inflated over time by relative pricing, when correction comes, it is really painful to face the reality....
  • Marvel, Mr Lee in MK Offers HKD165,000 for the whole set.
  • I managed to help Gordon to sell a set to A friend of mine in China much better than Mr.Lee in HK who does not seem much to do business anyway. But the offer was not as good as he wanted about 1.5 month earlier.
  • For those who are interested in a mint set of dCS Vivaldi, please call 852-9182-1619 to discuss prices. Just look for Longinus is fine.
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