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Durand Telos Reference Record Weight finally to arrive today

We are sorry to keep fans of Durand waiting. The exotic wood employed in this record weight has an unstable supply and the hardness of it is difficult to work with. Nevertheless, Prof Durand has spent the past 15 months to perfect it. Those who had pre-ordered will get it first. We only have 10.


  • The wooden package just like the Telos and Talea
  • Please remember to remove the adhesive tape attached to the top before using.
  • With the Durand weight on Da Vinci turntable, violin sounds majestic. The tail of harmonic tail keeps chasing the next musical note forming a continuous lyrical lines. Grimiaux's violin is talking tonight. I felt like a conversation out there.
  • The wood works are excellent. Dalby and Durand - completely dominate the ultra end record weight niche market.
  • Dear KingPuyi,

    What a coincidence! I listened to Grumiaux as well with the Durand weight!

    PT believes a manufacturer's background and personality determines the output. It serves as a logical point of reference which is a mating game to myself.

    I favour Dalby Audio because Mr Dalby himself shares a lot in common with my musical taste. His openmindedness carves out a new dimension to appreciate my own music collection.

    Likewise, Professor Durand's profound knowledge in Classical music means he is my perfect guidance. This cultured record weight reminds me of a sculptured wood piece on a chess board. Unlike the gigantic Dalby clamp, Durand is vintage looking in its own right.

    For both Telea and Telos owners, they need no recommendation from me. For others, I can tell you the Durand record weight is well beyond a piece of decorated accessory. It carries a sacred mission to bring you closer to the "natural" beauty of music.

    Guess what? Professor Durand was inspired by the majestic Dalby clamp, and here is his answer.

    PT really sends me on my way to Cloud Nine. I will let you all know why...

  • Des, it is exquisite on strings.
  • Can't agree more Voy!

    The impact on vocal is equally impressive.

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