Subbase Audio vibration platform

A few weeks ago, I put the Subbase platform under the Tidal Agoria. The platform itself does not have any feet but its sheer weight is over 30kg. The density and mass


  • The density and mass is incredible. At 400lb for each speaker, I am amazed the improvement brought by the platform on the bass contents and image focus. Conventional thinking always leads us to believe that using smaller footprint like spikes would increase stability and minimise vibration on equipment but at the same time, Einstein's rule on action and reaction, the 3-4 points of contact would also induce upward vibration from the floor if the material making the spikes is improper from the vibration prevention standpoint.

    I now put one more beneath the Trinity Supreme Edition preamp, my whole system has benefited at the same level of improvement and is quite apparent without dispute!!
  • Everyone must have a pair of Subbase under speakers! They really work wonders!
  • One of my friends using sub base to house his vintage horns. According to his view, everything has been improved especially on the noise reduction on the image contour.