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The warmest welcome

May I take this opportunity to thank both Chris and JLam for making my whirlwind visit to Hong Kong (AE1) a memorable one. Their levels of kindness and hospitality are something I have never experienced before. I was truly overwhelmed.

I had the opportunity to spend time with Doug and Desmond Lee, who are both unique and fabulous in equal measure.

Doug's system can only be described as 'larger than life' - like Doug himself, with a beguiling quality to transfer you into a world of musical bliss. AE1 was no different, allied with amazing speed and holographic stability the bass control was something of a shock. Speed, power, dynamic impact... I could go on forever.

May I thank you for your continued support and hope you enjoy our bespoke creations.


Lee Paul Dalby


  • Mr Dalby,

    Sorry that I have missed meeting you in HK. Although I am still far far away from other Dalby users heavily equipped with the interconnects, pre, power, etc, I am deeply impressed by every single product that I am using: record weight, vibration control feet and the ground wire. I will soon get the power cable and hopefully one day, I could venture into the other components, I am most obsessed by the D7-SE preamp recently posted by PT. Your attention to details inside and out is most striking to me leaving every single product in the brand a highly finished one. The outlook reflects in totality the perfection of the design and backed by scientific researches and countless trials....In absolute terms, they are still expensive products but comparatively speaking, they are big bang for the buck when having other mega buck gears side by side...

    Great work and I genuinely look forward to enjoying music delivered by Dalby!!

  • Dear Mr Dalby,

    My dream came true and it was a wonderful evening with you and Doug.

    Listening to music with Dalby products is like having my mind cryogenically treated. It re-aligns my perception to music playback in an entirely new order. The U-1000 interconnects work wonder with the Origine. Your manipulation of chalk powder (oops...hope it is not a commercial secret...)for damping sounds outrageous but ingenious!

    To have witnessed your masterstroke in putting the LV feet sandwiched between the NVS and its dedicated aluminium platform was like attending a magic show, it is science afterall but the learning experience is fun!

    Above all, I truly admire your pursuit of recreating the perfect illusion for all kinds of music. Signature sound is an achievement but the hardest is to attain an all-rounded rendition.

    You did mention Violator is one of your favourite Depeche Mode albums. Last Sunday night, I played the record, with the Dalby clamp swirling, and closed my eyes with no light on, the chanting of "Waiting for the night" ran around all 4 corners. I relish the fond memory with you and Doug...

    Nothing better than that. Look forward to seeing you in HK, or 8 miles away from Huddersfield, soonest!

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