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Tidal room in Shanghai Show is a major disappointment

Did anyone visit Shanghai Hi End show? I walked into the Tidal room attracted by the luxuriously made Agoria speakers. But the sound is simply substandard. I listened to a whom Tidal Sunray/T1 at AE for 3 years with full Tidal amplification chain. Many of us were blown away by the ultra high resolution of the system. I remember as though a whole grand piano is placed in front of me.

But the performance in Shanghai is a total disappointment. I chatted with some mainlander audiophiles. They felt the sound is very aggressive and dry. Bass is thin. Maybe the stereo amp isn't powerful enough to drive this speakers in this room. Come on, there is a cost no object Prescenio preamp in the chain.


  • WChow

    I was there yesterday. I felt something was connected wrongly.
    We all know what Tidal is capable of.
  • I didn't attend the Shanghai show. But the AE community all knew what Tidal is capable of. However, if they are in the wrong hands, false impression dictates all over the Chinese Internet. If one is not fully comprehensive of the interaction between room acoustics and the speakers along with electronic specification, the neutrality and transparency of the speakers reveal wrongs more than goods. And the wrongs prevail in the population of inexperienced listeners.
  • 國內同袍一致認為呢間房是唯一可以坐下來聽音樂的,尤其對喇叭非常堅。
  • 新FMR power技驚四座!
  • 金色Opus Prime 解碼加Trinity Supreme preamp
  • 轉至國內極品人生網站:

  • 另外一些評價:

  • Tidal Agoria, when matching with the Impulse power amp for a bi-amp they really know how to set up the jumpers at the back? There is already cross over setting capability built in the Impulse to match with Sunray/Agoria, again has this been tested prior to the show. Did they cross check with Jorn in Tidal and tried out various combinations prior to the show? I have been with my Agoria for months, I really do not think it is a plug and play game at such a level of hi-end design. I was not in the show and there are many questions need to be answered before one can jump to any conclusion...To me, Agoria running on Analog Domain remains as thrilling as ever to me...
  • that means they are technically incompetent to deal with such high end speakers. Is this what you are suggesting, marvel? I bet they are.
  • I suspect they have underestimated the complexity and do not set enough time to communicate with the designer to get an in-depth understanding on the various options available in Impulse and Agoria.

    As one of the few Agoria users in HK, you are welcome to come and listen to see if it really deserves the comments from the Shanghai show. I am using all factory settings and using a pair of Analog Domain to drive it. At one point, I have used the Impulse stereo to drive it and I was also very happy about it. So I really don't know what went wrong.
  • Marvel bro, I suggest you to become the technical consultant to the China Tidal dealer.
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