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Flow Center

Iam one step closer to winning this contest by connecting up the Argento Flow Center delivering a soundstage filled up with more energy and easiness....ijust use it for the pre and poweramp.


  • Argento Flow Center 好堅!
  • 真係估佢唔到,究竟佢是不是一個排蘇?好似換了個大amp但極為之細膩
  • To Ulrik,

    You have done a hell of a good job! The Flow power center blew up the Orb Kyoto by leaps and bounds. I have no damn clues comprehending the easiness and serenity resulted from plugging my amplifiers into it. It is not an AC conditioner, but just a plain simple power distributor.
  • Fire4, I am using a set of WaveKinetics feet underneath the Flow Center. I see you are putting the flow center on the wooden floor which should be good enough if the surface is perfectly flat. Otherwise, putting some isolation feet may help to avoid mechanical vibration and maximise the performance of the FC.
  • Mind everyone that the Flow Center does require some burn in time and I am sure you will find it opens up quite noticeably especially spiking down into the bass floor....
  • I feel like the amplifier has upgraded to a more expensive amplifier after connecting my stuff to the Flow center. The energy is very focus and controled with an unspoken sense of calmness that is rare amongst my experience with simple power bar. That could be the achievement of "constant resistance to ground".
  • The flow center is amazing. The control of energy after plugging my amplifier into it improves tremendously. Background has also become much more quiet with a sense of serenity. I really like the delivery of bass now. It is fast. It is impactful.
  • Bigpiece was shocked by connecting his Da Vinci Virtu amplifier and subwoofer to the Argento Flow center last evening. The energy has become very focused and very controlled. Hardcore audiophile who insists direct connection to the wall should have an open mind. Plenty of demo had been performed with proven merits from the flow center.
  • Another Flow Center user
  • Best power distribution ever made
  • Almost all customers use two flow centers now
  • More and more users of Flow Center!
  • Another Flow center user!
  • More and more flow center user!
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