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Ah! Hi!

Trouble on thinking a title...

There are over a year stepped out from audio and music listening activity. Finally, i could get a small room for myself, the size is close like the Grandezza system room, And re-building a new setup….

A new front load horn from Volti, now using a headphone amp with vintage CDP. (still waiting delivery of Virtu amp) Result quite good after plenty time keep tuning and with some trick.

The three ways speaker drivers and crossover did custom adding the grounding post on each cabinet, these “ground” ready to be ground through the “Troy”. I m still not sure whats these ground belong to, but it does result good on this speaker and the Virtu speaker. The 4 grounding post must all connect in same time, otherwise the speed is strange. The mid high result god dam open, mid low sometimes I found less bass, but now I can confirmed the mid bass has better control and confirmed no downside on dynamic and more transparency in overall.

Wavac AC-2 is the other story, to be continue…..


  • Mr.DV,

    Long time no see! Are you going for a complete Virtu system (both Preamp and Power amp)? I listened once to this magical combo at AE2 and they were fabulous in terms of musicality with tremendous musical resolution. Your speakers look very cool!

    The TROY is just too important. I got 2 Troys to do a better division of labor. I don't understand how you connect troy to speakers?
  • Tweeter,mid,bass driver,crossover all ground to a connector, then d connector to Troy. My speaker is in separate cabinet, I has total 4 grounding post at the back of the speaker, 2 at each channel.
  • Last month, I m thinking to add an AC conditioner for the cdp. I still can’t afford a Spartan, and I remember I did hear d Wavac AC-2 at PT home which sound not bad. Then I took it back home. After few hours listened, I m not so satisfy, the background more quite and darker, more details, soundstage become wider and deeper but found the sound become much slow, less energy and less dynamic, there must be somethings wrong.

    The next night I tried on few pc include the Olympic, FMR, Bertram, ORB, they all can’t get a good result, I felt the energy balance was screw up and details was too forward if the cdp connected to the AC-2. then I took a trial to connect the Kyoto to the AC-2, then cdp to Kyoto, what surprised me was, I found they had good chemistry, energy got better control and I can’t explain why the timbre came out when they combine together, the slower sound and dynamic problem gone. I m quite happy, but I still heard the messy energy, the piano, quartet and some vocal shouldn’t like that, sometimes I felt I m playing some noise but no music on my reference disc.

    The following few days, I m still trying any cables on my hand to feed the AC-2, none of them sound right, finally I took out a 15A running spring pc which always has muddy bass wherever I plug it. But this time it did give me quite a big shooked. The setup is like this: cdp to Kyoto( kurenai pc) to AC-2(RS pc) to wall socket. I immediately found the sound and soundstage much open, every my reference disc sound back to what they should be, I found new details which never heard in my own place, all benefit on AC-2 and Kyoto are all there, no loss on less and the energy become larger but in fully control. I never expect these kind of huge improvement before add the AC conditioner, I feel so happy on the result and cannot stop listen music every night in the past month. Last, this only work on plug the CDP and dac!
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