Harmonix vs Wave Kinetics

Which footer is better for a CD/SACD player?

Harmonix TU-666M or Wave Kinetics A10-U8?



  • Tommy,

    It depends on the sound of your overall system. If you want a thicker or warmer mid range, the 666-M is an ideal choice. If you want a more balanced presentation without highlight any particular frequencies, the Wave Kinetics A10-U8 is great in a sense that it dosen't seem to change anything. You only know when you take them out. The improvement is primarily in the area of contour of imaging.
  • Would you say the A10-U8 has similar characteristics as the Finite Elemente Cerabase?
  • No. FE is brighter
  • Thank you very much. I appreciate your response.
  • Hi Piano Tuner,

    I am thinking about the Wave Kinetics n2s vs the Harmonix 999 or 900 for my Wilson X1/Grand Slamms. specifically, i am hoping they will further improve the upper bass response (tighter) and mid bass response (cleaner).

    What would you recommend? They weigh about 275 kilos each...so i only wish to do this once! thanks!
  • Lloyd,

    The honest answer is you have to try. My experience with Harmonix dated back more than half a decade ago.
  • Many thanks Piano Tuner.
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