Dalby Audio Design

Dalby Audio Design would like to wish everyone at AE the very best for the forthcoming year.

Kindest Regards,

Lee Paul Dalby


  • Mr. Dalby,

    Your feet are amazing! I have both the carbon and the ebony version. Subjectively speaking, I prefer the ebony to the carbon not because the latter is not as good. They are truly instrument grade isolation devices. I was skeptical about them after I was informed the prices. They are real good! Great job! Look forward to audition your ultimate D7 line stage.

  • Mr. Dalby, I concur with Uncle Ray about the top-flight quality of your work on the feet. These are no ordinary feet; not those trial and error type. I am glad not too many people understand what we are saying. They better think we are insane because that makes us exclusive.
  • Thank you for your positive responses. Both feet designs have different sonic characters which will suit different applications. Generally the Carbon CBF work very well with valve equipment and can take a extreme weight loads.

    The Ebony and Lignum Vitae feet have a specified weight load with the ability to transform even the highest quality of playback systems. There is a 'dual version' now available to support heavy weight products such as Turntables along with a forthcoming record weight.

    I hope you throughly enjoy the D7.

  • We have certain high expectation on the D7 line-stage. But like everyone else, we are truly delighted by the feet. This is the first accessory that we feel the improvement brought forth is much bigger than any cables at X times the price. I am not downplaying the importance of cables. It is just that I never imagine a feet (which I had plenty all through my audio journey) can be that lethal!
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