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According to Jorn of Tidal, the Impulse amplifier represents a major improvement over the predecessor in terms of naturalness and control. At the lab, there is a 50hz peak beforehand. When the Impulse amplifier is at service, the peak is gone reflecting the control ability of the new generation.


  • Just in case you want to bi-amp at a later stage, the active crossover-LPX is built inside!
  • We received two units of Tidal's latest wonder: IMPULSE AMPLIFIERS last week. We run them in non-stop for 72 hours using the Brothers in Arms album by Dire Straits.

    The Impulse has substantially elevated the overall easiness of the Sunray/T1 system. It has tremendous speed. It is the sheer speed of it that defines the overall resolution. With the Impulse amplifier in the system, resolution of the bass areas improves "exponentially". When the bass is cleaned up without compromising weight, everything above improves as well. In fact, control is excellent. You can have every perspective of any instruments/vocals inside the musical landscape if your mind wishes to lock up anything. If you don't want to lock up any specific object, the wholesomeness of the musical landscape simply bewilders me. High End Audio can really get us this far. What it also surprises me the most is the power too. I feel like the Impulse stereo is a few notches up than the Impact stereo. It is simply another class of ultra high end amplifier that aims to end all the debates between solid state and tubes.

    I will make the Tidal system going FULLY ACTIVE in the next two weeks. I want to see how far it can go.
  • I heard the pair of Impulse driving the T1 subwoofer in AE1 today. It is not just extremely resolute and fast but also very sensitive to even change of the interconnect cables to the amp...we did a quick AB comparison on the house cables of AE and could immediately tell the difference. Mind you that we are only talking about an interconnect to a power amp driving the subwoofer....Tidal is just a flat screen of mirror, nothing can be hidden and a slit change would tilt the balance towards a different listening experience!

    To exploit the full potential of the Agoria, I think all future user of Agoria should plan to buy an Impulse to take advantage of the cross over circuit built in in this amp.

  • Marvel

    Did PT play a cut on the Chorus by Verdi through Zanden 1200 phono (decca curve, reverse phase) on the NVS with Durand/A90?

    I dare say quite possible nowhere in this island can play this record close to AE1.
  • English Teacher,

    Yes, indeed. It is a chorus piece by Verdi, Decca recording. Both of us agreed that Zanden phono has an edge over many others on the capability of setting the RIAA curve specifically for Decca. My own experience is that the DG curve is the most valuable to me since I have got plenty of DG recordings.

    Back to the Verdi Choruses, at some point of the listening, I really felt I was a bit breathless as my heart was beating heavily trying to follow the mightily impactful chorus...A90+Durand+NVS+Zanden is there serving mega scale music without compromising on the micro dynamic details...AE1 is really ahead of the curve by miles now...

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