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Cessaro Beta 0.5 horn system in Guangzhou (Panyu)

We arrived late last night at Panyu by train. The job is to set up a Beta horn system. They were already uncrated by the time we arrived this morning. This is excellent because a lot of time was saved for fine tuning.


  • As usual, Ralph gets into the position right at the beginning. It took us around 30 minutes to mount the mid range horn onto the right positions.
  • I like these new speaker binding posts very much!
  • The Da Vinci Unison/Grandezza tonearm/cartridge serves as the analog source. Preamp is Robert's Takumi K-10 - chosen by many in our community as Product of the Year in 2011.
  • Robert's Takumi K-70 Generation 2 amplifier drives the main speakers.
  • The system was up and running at 10:30a.m. this morning. It took us 2 hours to set everything up which is a record so far. The almighty OPUS DAC by Stahltek recreates extreme density across the whole frequency band throwing a huge soundstage into this rectangular room with ease (at low gain setting.)
  • We were very pleased with the first shot. This room has huge potential given the height of the ceiling and the rectangular shape. Further room acoustics treatment at the rear wall behind the speakers will get the focal point much more exact through diffusion. The 1st reflection points on both sides will have to be treated as well to achieve stability of imaging. A carpet will help calm the floor noises down. Other than that, once gain, we were very pleased because the flow and dynamic of music is already apparent at low volume.
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