The 7th Clock

What can I say! Yamada is so kind to offer the superclock of his own Zanden to me!

I wish to thank both Yamada san and AE for making this happen. I made a wrong decision not to go for it in the first place but I find AE is really taking good care of their customer and Yamada san has, once again, made me feel speechless!

My sincere thanks!


  • Simply the friendship I have had with AE and Yamada san and my due respect to his design and passion. I made the wrong move in the first place because I thought I don\'t have the Zanden 5000Sig anymore and the Heritage DAC uses its own clock. Of course the precision of the data signal from the transport has been enhanced with the SC but to some extent, I felt the upgrade was only partial so I thought it would best for someone who has/is going to have a Zanden combo. I listened to both Zanden 5000Sig (SC upgraded) and Heritage DAC in Tuner\'s system. I could tell the difference between the two but I cannot say which one is better than which one. At that time, I was also very painful in my then decision (wrong again!) to trade in the Zanden 5000Sig!!!!!!!!!

    I learnt to take more advice from Tuner, J and other AE associates.

    As for the Swiss Candies, it is now singing in my system as a transport to the Heritage. Zanden is on its way to my dear friend in Japan. Frankly, if we do not look at the unreasonable price tag, Swiss candy is not bad as a total package being a CD transport + SACD player. With a good match of cables ( I am using SMR EE Breda RCA digital, Ayon Dragon power and SR SE interconnect) and the magic wooden platform, you will be surprised of its performance. German IceCream, will be more careful in making such a move.

    Look forward to meeting you and according to Tuner, you are a nice person and you only write so aggressively to make the forum more heated. Thanks for your patronage.

  • Marvel,

    That\'s the attitude of a real bro. You mentioned you were going to try the swiss candy. In another post, I thought you said using the French sacd player. I am confused. Do you have both swiss candy and french chocolate now? Sounds too sweet to swallow. Deep deep pocket, marvel bro.

    I buy your argument of partial upgrade, not the best deal you used to get maybe; your decision on swiss candy and french chocolate, based on what you told us in the forum was as quick as my pee. Kind of wishy washy decision on swiss/french stuff, any notorious story behind the move, but repeated wrong move on the Jap. Mind sharing more? Any untold stories?

    Well, that\'s the way I talk, you will get used to it, and I know you will. Are you in the investment business? Wrong decision can be lethal. Be careful.

  • Marvel,

    Voy got a point. I am confused too. You bought the goldmund sacd player yesterday? Why do you need two sacd players? Is this the reaons you gave up the superclock to me?

    You are richman. Two sacd players cost a fortune! I will get the Raven/da vinci set instead if I were you.

    I never hear any music from sacd.
  • Julian,

    Sometimes, I puzzle about Marvel as much as you do. When he says he will not buy, he always become the first one to buy. I penpal with him for 2 years, and such record is almost 100% true.

    He likes to try different stuff all the time. If he can foot the bill, accept losses, he has all the freedom to do what he wants. Mr.Ramos, don\'t be too aggressive on Marvel. Everyone has freedom. My wife like buy hermes bags, LV, Fendi all the time, I cannot tell her to buy only one brand.

    I agree with Voy that Marvel is not logical sometimes. I paid USD60,000 for the ER, sold it after 6 months. I found the swiss candy not worthy of the price. You can go to gallery page of this web, that smr digital cable with the ER was mine. The new swiss player is the smaller version of the ER at half the price of ER. It is not a bad player but the price is unreasonable for the quality.

    A friend of mine has the player for 3 weeks, visited my mansion, heard the zanden superclock, now he is selling the player. If anyone of you is interested or you have friends are interested, please email me at [email protected] My friend want to sell it.

    Julian, I told Marvel to play LP many many times. I think he may not have the patience to play LP. So obvious a choice to hardcore fans in this forum can become a difficult choice for him. Maybe, he still want to experience more.

    The fun part of this hobby is to play different electronics. I was glad I was through this stage.


  • Marvel,

    I guess people in this forum are seasoned player. I think for SACD discussions, you can go to There is a thread dicussing your sacd player. They will be keen to know your experience.

  • Thanks to all who have expressed interest to my choice of venturing into SACD instead of LP. I have explained why I didn\'t go for the SuperClock earler so I don\'t want to repeat again. As for LP, I really think the skills and time required are much more demanding than throwing a CD into the player. On second thought, I don\'t necessarily need to use it as the main source, CD can still be my main source while LP is a secondary one. That said, I know if I shall own a superb LP system like AC Raven/DaVinci, things will change.

    To tell my inner feeling of the past few years following on AE\'s products. It is always like a \'Guided tour\', AE has a very knowledgeable team who can source very powerful gears and at the same time know how to leverage them to their maximum. So all of time, I see a \'coach\' behind me telling me what is correct and what would go wrong. It saves me a lot of money and time wandering in circles in the hi-fi journey. Like it or not, the \'naughty\' side of mine always try to find if there is something not \'scoped in\' by AE but still are very good, products like CTC preamp, DartZeel, Lyra Connossieur preamp are always in my radar. As for the GM SACD, in relative terms, it is cheap because people spending more than double the money on their Eidos Reference and most of the technologies there have been imported in this 36A with the video portion removed thus making the circuit more pure for audio.

    No gear is created just for the purpose of ripping people off, I think with some skills and patience, we could always enjoy the best parts of it while mitigating certain aspects of its shortcomings. Afterall, in that price range, is there a one-piece solution which can offer SACD playback and a CD transport mechanism as powerful as Eidos Reference?

    Alan, this forum is supposed to be a free forum where people can discuss whatever hi-fi products or experience they have or want to have. I hope you would not mind if I post this message here and certainly I will go to R33 if I like to. Thanks for making this suggestion.

  • Marvel,

    I apologize my message offended you. What i meant is in R33, there are more people interested in your sacd experience. I had no intention of making you unhappy.

    Please accept my apology.

  • Dear Alan,

    No problem I said Forum is supposed to be free one and you are welcome to make such a suggestion as I also find in R33 that thread but I have not joined their discussion yet.

    J told me this forum is going to have more fun and colors as he is going to expand and invite more \'heavy weight\' guests to join. This is still early stage and I love to make more net.friends like yourself, Voy, Jeff, Julian. etc.

  • Can Swiss Candy be made good?

    I discussed with Tuner today and he suggested me to use the wooden Reference Feet to replace the 4 mechanical grounding feet of Swiss Candy. Those feet, according to the acoustic master of Tuner, would create the kind of GM signature sounding and do not really drain away the vibration very well although the chasis itself is very well built.

    I will try this out when new stock arrives (not sure when?). I hope by the time Voy visits me, both Zanden SC and Swiss Candy are in my system for a joint evaluation.

  • Marvel bro,

    Should I credit as the trouble maker here? I begin to see counter attacks and apology, followed by acceptance of apology. That shows Marvel is the real bro. Wait, challenges will keep coming from this trouble maker.

    Do you know what the hell is the difference between CD9 pro and CD12 pro mechanism? Do you know why the old 36 stil carries a reputation till today? If you throw some questions to any qualified technians enquring the quality comparison between the Philips CD9 pro mechanism and the pioneer sacd drive mechanism, they will all laugh till could not hold their shits! That pioneer crappy sacd drive mechanism is the same module that is used in cheap sacd player below USD500 bucks.

    Well, you will then counter argue well it is the value added that counts into the quality. I listen to the old 36 compare to the new swiss candies in Chicago two weeks ago, full reference swiss candy system in dedicated acoustically treated room that cost you as much as a small apt in NY fifth ave. The new version sucks. It lack the coherence of the old version. The old bird still sings, maybe not as clear as the new bird but it knows how to sing. The new bird knows how to make some nice sound to fool the new generation but don\'t know how to sing. Bass is short, start rolling off too fast. The trebel is quite nice to hear, better extension than the past. Mid range is no better than Linn CD12, maybe the swiss is clearer but not natural to my ears. Treble is better than the old Linn but fail the test of Anna, the soprano. The upper high is googled, very unnatural voices. The depth perspective is shallow as usual, a trademark of swiss candy.. Forget the crappy part of sacd. This candy costs 35 grands. Wow, toy for the deep deep pocket like Marvel bro.

    Your own mentioning of using some special feets are even more interesting. What is the whole point of the fancy MG theory? As you say, they are not doing the homework of canceling vibration! I still need to feed some kind of chicken or duck feet to the swiss candy?

    Once again, I am the trouble maker. But I believe I ask logical and sensible questions. Marvel bro, how would you defend your candy? Do you need some water? Swiss candy does not gel with chicken feet.

    Remind bros here the differences between CD9 pro and CD12 pro. We sure want to learn more from the Marvel bro

    Voy in Frankfurt
  • Voy,

    GM 36+ is one great transport that I am tempted to try as well. I was told the midrange is extremely succulent not bearing the kind of GM clinical sounding. CD9Pro is also one of the factors making 36+ legendary. I am also a previous user of Burmester969 which uses CD9Pro but honestly I never feel the kind of musicality and coherence depicted by OrpheusZero transport eventhough spec wise Orpheus is no match of 969. On an extensive 1 month ABAB... comparison, 969 lost on coherence, sounddepth (z-axis) and spactial information among musical objects.

    GM 36A is now pairing with Heritage DAC and I bet this total package would outperform 36+. I will try using the reference feet with the wooden platform with an attempt to alleviate the above shortcomings mentioned by you. Cables and tweaking and room acoustics all contribute to the overall performance although I am fully aware of your description above on the comparison between 36+ and 36A are within the same context of setup and acoustics environment.

    Anyway, when there is a future opportunity in acquiring a 36+, I might (once again) go for a \'one-night-stand\' with it.

  • Very exciting, high hand exchanging gun fires! I hope these are friendly fires!

  • Julian,

    No la...I just try to exchange views and I see many high hands around and if you follow what I have written in the past, I am consistently inconsistent and causing a lot of troubles all the time. The latest being the 7th clock which has been sacrificed from Yamada san\'s own unit....Voy is tough but he speaks a lot of sense, so do Jeff, Alan et al.

    Julian, are you getting a whole suite of Zanden combo? What digital link are you planning to use? I used the BNC output from 2000P with a converter to RCA because my digital is RCA-RCA. Whether it is psychological or not, I really think the converter (by Zanden) is causing some degradation. It would be ideal to have a BNC-RCA digital running from 2000P to 5000Sig. You should consider a SMR-EE BNC-RCA digital. This I would call ultimate. I don\'t own the 5000Sig now and I am using a SMR EE AES/EBU from 2000P to HeritageDAC. I use the SMR EE Breda RCA digital from the Swiss Candy to Heritage. Breda RCA gives an even more structured bass energy dispersion than the AES/EBU version. To some extent, it supplements the apparent weakness of the bass foundation of the Swiss Candy which does the bass attack well (ie punching forward but not deep with authority). Using Breda RCA in my view help to make the overall tonal balance more complete and \'triangular\' (ie treble energy in the tip while bass is at the pyramid base).

    When will your Z combo be delivered?
  • Marvel bro, I can see you do agree the shortcoming of the swiss candy. At 35 grand, do you think it is worthy of the price as a CD transport? The Orpheus zero in some ways are still better than the swiss candy. The trebel is much more open and transparent. That lovely swiss candy sound is atypical to my ears. Maybe, there are too much ear wax,, time to clean the shit up.

    Oh, that german spacecraft. It is a nightmare to my ears. I remember heard it a few times around the world. If the recordings are guitars, that was quite something special. It sound crappy on all other music. I was listening to the german spacecraft with afaculty member of the Juliard School of Music in NY. What she said to me afterward was Voy, pardon me, can you tell me that audio friend of yours is sane? It was a torture to our ears. Marvel bro, your ears rank high with Professor Lindsey.

    Sometimes, I felt ashame to be an audiophile because almost all non-audiophile vistors commented my system sucks! They rather love the ipod. All other audiophile friends visited me say the opposite cos their eyes say these are expensive stuff, and they got to sound good! I dont trust audiophiles anymore other than Tuner, Roy, and some chaps in the inner circle.

    Can you judge sound by your eyeballs? Why the hell waste money on stupid transistors? Go and grab a few patek on the 5th, isnt it much wiser?

    The heritage dac, swiss candy transport, SMR EE digital cost 70 tall grands. I sure have very high expectation on your system. You got to show me some true color. I don\'t want to be disappointed. When I disappoint, I cannot control my mouth.

    Marvel bro, you probably dont have a clue abt the CD9 and CD12 mechanism.

    I will be back to my London apt soon. I cant wait to test the Tron Syren Ref. It was delivered last Friday.

    Screw the bankers, they kept me fly all the time without real music!


  • I have no money to try SMR ee cables. tuner told me to use clocklink cable. He will fix acoutics for me. He says important to get the acoustics right first before proceeding to cables.

    After vist him two times, I can only trust him because the Eason Chan concert in his system is very real. He showed me with and without the resonators. I am puzzled and confused. I am convinced the sound of my room may be louder than the muisc!

    Maybe I also call you Marvel Bro, I know two sacd players must be fun. My words from little bro is dont waste money on these toys. It may never get you to the quality of von stade playback. That is the goal I want to achieve.

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