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New Zanden 2000p/5000s owner

As of today, in my subjective opinion, this digital source combo remains unchallenged purely from the perspective of music appreciation.


  • and the vinyl source...
  • Who join the Zanden club?
  • Congralutaion to the music lover !
  • I am new to this forum. I just bought a zanden signature dac to partner with my Metronome kalista transport, and pt encouraged me to write some of my thoughts. I also bought an argento smr digital cable as well

    Obviously the dac still needs to run in. But the early impressions are very favorable. The zanden sound is very natural. One of my complaints against CDs is that sometimes they sound mechanical and rigid. The Zanden takes this away. The mid-range is especially impressive. I have read reviews which say the Zanden sounds like analog -- i actually do not think it does, but it brings a very natural flow to the music which is usually what LPs (not CDs) can do

    As impressive as dac is (it probably will get better after run-in), the argento smr cable simply blows me away. It brings a level of transparency which I do not think was impossible. Great cable!
  • hello af, you have chosen one hell of a dac. Do enjoy it. You got to have the matching 2000p transport for a very truly yours musical experience.

    Great choice!
  • Any more Zanden users around here? My Zanden dac will arrive this week. I feel very exciting. Flow or FMR use with Zanden dac? Appreciate if any brother have power cord experience with Zanden. I read from another thread someone use FMR with transport and burn in takes up more than 1 month to complete. I hope flow is good enough for the dac.
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