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Tripoint Audio Thor Special Edition Master Reference Ground cable


  • edited July 2014
    i tried this yesterday!
    this is lethal!
    I thought it has no effect on my system since i connected three cable to my preamp already.
    i connected it to my phono which already has one original silver signature cable connected. This additional cable make my system to another level, more than high end, but toward live music territory. a bit closer to AE showroom now. ( Still have a far distance though). the Stage and the right disposition of instrutment and distance. i was TOUCHED actually while listening yesterday night. SO SO SO lively. Have some tears in my eyes!
    Then i disconnected the master reference ground, and leave it with one orignal ground cable for ab.
    I didn't want to listen to the same song.
    it is like magic. No wonder AE spent so much so much on ground cable. i thought they are just pushing the limit a little more. No, it is a major improvment.
    Damn, all my salary go directly to AE account now since i met PT.
  • Kahw

    We will never get close to PT achievement if we undermine the importance of high end ground cables. I believe I am the only one who goes as far as PT in investing in ground cables. Did Pt tell you the analogy of western medicine versus Chinese medicine? The former fend over contamination from outside but the latter cleans up dirt from within. It is fucking true. It takes awhile for me to verify his claim.
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