Dear community,
May I introduce myself? I´m Stephan. I´m located in the north of Germany, near Bremen.
The last 30 years I run a company, that is specialized in repair of high class measurement gear, that is no more supported by the manufacturer. Also I do special lab equipment by customer requests, in case they need something, that is not commercially available. I studied physics and electronics.
Already in my high-school-years, I was into electronics. So some amateur-bands were glad about me doing the daily repairs and occasionally mixing. Also I lied to listen to music - but what a disappointment, when I came from the practice room of a band, listening to live instruments, and afterwards listening with my stereo-rig to recorded music.. There the foundation was laid, to carve for optimization of music reproducing equipment.
I think in contrary to most of the members of the community here, I build my gear myself. I like to use good parts, mostly sourced from industrial or military applications. And fortunately I got the technical knowledge and measurement gear, to build and measure my gear!.

Here are some photos of my lab.

For audio, the result for myself is a fine rig, but without utmost care for optics. The main advantages I see for myself: I´ve a lot of synergistic effects between measurement gear and audio. With my own gear, I´m not hampered by normal restrictions, like weight, optics/styling, ease of assembly, pricing...

Here are some photos of my listening room and the amps in the next room. Total weight of the complete rig is about 4000 kg.

The grey big box is an EMC-enclosure, housing my turntable.

As You can see, I like horn speakers, tubes and vinyl/tapes...

Of course I´m open to technical questions and will try to answer them in a helpful way.
To all of You, I wish health and as less stress as possible in that difficult times!
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