Class A Solid State Sound

Would someone kindly describe the differences in class A sound of Pass XA.8 series, Accuphase A-70/75 series, and Gryphon class A amplifiers. Does much or any of the differences relate to mosfet (Pass and Accuphase) or bipolar (Gryphon)  output devices?  Thank you!


  • Dear James,

    In AE, we mostly prefer high quality: fast, transparent sound but less colouration. The up above devices you have mentioned are high quality but ain’t what we chasing for as they all are contained different level of colouring inside. 

    If if you really looking for a high quality class A amplifier, I highly suggest the Riviera labs or the Arne from Engstrom. In AE, we love different characteristics but not colouring. Thank you.

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