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Vertere : The Best Turntable/Tonearm/Cable Maker of UK

What a wonderful experience to visit the Ae showroom again. Yesterday the Vertere reference Tonearm and Record player with the Vertere PhonoHB cable and the sublime Miyajima Midake cartridge produced some of the most dynamic, hair raising musical experience possible. It was wonderful to be able to have spent about three hours talking and listening to the wonderful music with Touraj the CEO and founder of Vertere.
there is absolutely no doubt that this system is at the pinnacle of what is possible with music reproduction. It left nothing to be desired.


  • George, I concur everything you said. I need more time to digest and shall report when my mind settles. I need to set the context right and that needs some time.
  • Vertere has a revamped website.
    The newest HB speaker cable is there too!
  • Bumped to AE during lunch time and listened to the Wagner/HB speaker cable combo. Very fast, sexy and dynamic big sound. But PT had done a very educational demo for me. I shall let him educate others.
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